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Art of African American Postpartum Care


Childbearing in the 20th Century was a life-and-death experience, and most deaths occurred in the postpartum period.

World Health Organization (WHO) says, most maternal and infant deaths occur during this time. African American postpartum care is a protective factor against maternal mortality by practicing traditions that safeguard the mother and her infant.

The African American postpartum care model extends beyond the Western standard of 6 weeks postnatal care. Science has confirmed that certain parts of recuperation after birth can take up to a year.

“The understanding of traditional postpartum practices can inform the provision of culturally competent perinatal services (1).”

African American postpartum care is a rite of passage that restores strength to the mother and protects the newborn against illness, by caring for the mother, loving the newborn, and working with the extended family. This model of care is built on public health, traditions and rituals, and the respect of elder wisdom.

Learning objectives:

  • Vital steps in postpartum care to reduce the adverse effects associated with childbirth.
  • Traditions and behaviors that will help reduce common discomforts during the postpartum period and decrease maternal morbidity rates.
  • What modality provides relief of common postpartum discomforts
  • Best practices when providing postpartum care extending beyond 40 days
  • The Use of Monroes Postpartum Chart, as an educational tool.

Target Audience

Health professionals, doulas and birth workers who are responsible for or interested in providing postnatal care. This webinar may benefit policy-makers and managers of maternal and child health programmes, health facilities, and teaching institutions currently offering and/or developing maternity and newborn care services.

“Very nice webinar! Thank you so much for all the great information.” – Emily Darley Hill, Postpartum Doula, March 2017

Important Information

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One response to “Art of African American Postpartum Care”

  1. Jun Avatar

    This resource is very excellent. Postpartum depression should not be dealt with lightly. It is not easy to undergo physical, emotional, and behavioral changes. It affects the mother, also the baby and relationship with others. That is why some birth class, like Bradley Method or Birth for Men, includes postpartum care. Men’s involvement before, during, and after birth is a necessary help for women to combat postpartum depression.

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