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Perinatal Safety and Coronavirus


SMC’s position on the Coronavirus for SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companions is to be safe and up to date on the guidelines.  Please use the Center for Disease Control(, National Institute of Health (NIH,gov) and PubMed, for prevention and safety guidelines against the Coronavirus. Because the findings are changing by the second, we recommend you check for updated regularly.  The virus is spreading nationally, and all ages, sexes, and races are being infected and many have died.


Proven prevention to date is wash your hands up to your forearms, with very warm soapy water for 20 seconds minimum. Wipe all surfaces with diluted bleach, Lysol, and/or 70% alcohol or higher. The virus lives up to seven days on most things.  Practice six-feet distance from people other than your household. Cough and sneeze into a disposal tissue, discard and wash your hands up to the forearm with hot soapy water.   Practice stay in place in your shelter unless you have to leave for necessity, like food, medical, or work a critical job, like a  firefighter, medical professional.   Try and stock up on food, to reduce the amount of times that you have to go to the food market. And if you must go stay six-feet distance from other shoppers.  And avoid air travel.


Care for yourself by drinking 6-8 cups of water a day, taking Zinc lozenges,  staying rested, exercising and meditating.  If able boil ginger, turmeric and cinnamon and drink it daily.  Maintain a quality diet, plenty of green vegetables and high C fruits.  If able keep a vaporizer going with Eucalyptus oil.  If you feel ill treat yourself right away and consistently like you have a cold, unless you get an uncontrollable fever, chest pain and/or can’t breathe; than call your healthcare provider or go to the nearest hospital.  Remember try to avoid the emergency room.

Pregnant and Postpartum Clients

Share this information with your pregnant and postpartum clients.  Remind your postpartum moms, that breastfeeding is the best thing for them and their infant during the Coronavirus.   Reassure your clients that a positive test or getting ill is not a death sentence.  Most people who contract the virus get well without incidence.  To date having the virus is not a reason for a C-section.   Encourage your client to request care as much as possible with their health care provider over the internet.

SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companions

The SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion Training Philosophy is built on tradition, that includes human contact. However, we must adjust and be creative in how we support our pregnant clients. Now is the time to offer virtual support. It is not ideal, but it will keep your client feeling connected to you, supported and hopefully empowered.  When possible use platforms that allow face to face with the human voice.  Remember looking in the human eye is healing and revealing.


If you have evidence-based information please share in your reply to blog.




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