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Traditional Healing With Herbs Water and Salves

Through traditional healing, we help ease the common discomforts for the new mother; so, she can direct her energy to her emotional well-being and for bonding with her new baby. Science has concluded that more support is needed during the postpartum period. To the extent that it is now referred to as the fourth trimester (Jennings B, Edmundson M. 1980).

“There is much that we can learn from traditional healing to bring relief to the mother after the birth of her baby.” – Shafia M. Monroe

By practicing traditional healing, we tap into proven ways to solve the impact on the body and pyche as a result of birthing. This webinar will establish  the role of nature, mind, body and spirit, in traditional healing, using time tested traditions midwives, prietesses and healers.  Traditional healing includes, rituals, herbs, dance, water, salves, and prayers, for relieving postpartum discomforts.

What is Traditional Healing? 
Traditional Healing involves a combination of approaches including counseling, nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, prayers and other physical therapeutics. It is not limited to nationality or location- as such practices stems from conceptual understanding utilized among all humanity before specialized medicines began.

Learning objectives:

  • Define traditional healing practices to include the mind-body relationship.
  • List the common postpartum discomforts.
  • List traditional healing methods for muscolosketal, reproductive, and breastfeeding discomforts.
  • Understand when and how to use traditional remedies.

“Traditional healing is more about the internal than it is the external”- Shafia M. Monroe

Please join us for an informative and enjoyable online learning experience.
An informative and comprehensive online learning experience
All presentations and materials are provided in English. 
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