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Community Midwives

Community Midwifery: The Solution

I coined the term “Community Midwife” in 1980 to emulate the history of the 20th Century Black midwife; as Ms. Margaret Charles Smith, co-author of “Listen to Me Good, Life of an Alabama Midwife, and featured in the award winning “Bringin in Da Spirit “documentary, says, “I became a midwife working around nigh you know, […]

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History of the African American Midwife-LW-SMC

The History of the African American Midwife

The historical role of the African American midwife was one of hope and health; whose expertise helped define cultural perceptions of motherhood, protected, uplifted and empowered women and men, and improved maternity care in communities across the nation. The African American midwife was the keeper of traditions and a spiritual ritualist. She held a respected position […]

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Art of African American Postpartum Care

Childbearing in the 20th Century was a life and death experience, and most deaths occurred in the postpartum period. World Health Organization (WHO) says, most maternal and infant deaths occur during this time. African American postpartum care is a protective factor against maternal mortality by practicing traditions that safeguard the mother and her infant. The […]

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Cross Cultural Knowledge in Maternity Care

Learn how beliefs, cultures and ethnic practices can influence health behavior and health status. One of the biggest challenges in healthcare is providing culturally competent care to diverse populations. The US birthing population is changing, with communities of color having higher birth rates and disproportionately higher rates of infant and maternal mortality.  There is an […]

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Traditional Healing With Herbs Water and Salves

Through traditional healing, we help ease the common discomforts for the new mother; so, she can direct her energy to her emotional well-being and for bonding with her new baby. Science has concluded that more support is needed during the postpartum period. To the extent that it is now referred to as the fourth trimester […]

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