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Webinar: African American Postpartum Belly Binding

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Not long ago, in rural Virginia it was customary for the mother to have a belly band made for the new baby and a belly band aka belly binder made for her, for her postpartum time. Once the baby was born the midwife and female family members put the belly binder on the postpartum mother (Fraser, G.J., (1998) P.244).

Wrapping the mother’s belly or womb area after birth was traditional for the 40 days postpartum. The belly binder would be checked and adjusted as the uterus shrunk. Postpartum belly binding is a healing methodology for a healthy postpartum recuperation.

This Webinar Covers:

  • Pin secured belly binding
  • Sternum to hips belly binding
  • Mid-section belly binding
  • C-section belly binding
  • How to prepare the cloth
  • Binding while standing
  • Binding while lying down

Length: 1.5 Hours

Presenter: Shafia Monroe


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