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Importance of Cultural Competency

At the Core

In this keynote, Shafia speaks on the core competencies using a strength-based model to engage the audience with implementation strategies that collectively shape cultural competency within a professional system.

Cultural competence is defined as the ability of providers and organizations to effectively deliver healthcare services that meet the social, cultural, and linguistic needs of patients. (Betancourt et al. 2005)

Begin the journey of becoming a culturally competent healthcare professional, with the ability to respond respectfully and effectively to people of all cultures, in a manner that affirms their worth and preserves the dignity of individuals for better birth outcomes and maternal health.

Shafia Monroe Presentation

  • Ascertains the “Framework for Diversity” necessary to achieve organizational cultural competence within the healthcare leadership and workforce
  • Identifies barriers among patients, providers, and the U.S. healthcare system in relation to racial/ethnic disparities in health care and quality of care
  • Catalogs Cultural Competence Models practiced in Academia, Government, Managed Care, and Community Health Care Programs accredited by experts in the field
Shafia Monroe

We live in a world full of diversity, which is exciting. Cultural competency is a requirement for professional engagement and personal satisfaction.

Shafia M. Monroe, DEM, CDT, MPH