Shafia Monroe Birthing Change

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Support healthcare professionals and doulas to achieve cultural competency and improve birth outcomes. Donate using the link below.

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Shafia Monroe Consulting (SMC)/Birthing CHANGE is an African American woman-owned emerging small business.

Our mission is to help health care professionals and doulas achieve cultural competency, increase clients, and improve infant and maternal outcomes.

The business formed in 2011 and the social enterprise mission was developed in 2016.

Our social enterprise commitment is to increase the number of Black midwives, doulas, and birth workers in order to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates, which are disproportionately higher in the African American/Black community.

Your donations will be used for:

  • Increasing the number of African American/Black midwives
  • The Doulas of color scholarship fund
  • Sponsoring a Doula training in your state
  • Sponsoring cultural competency training for underserved people to attend.

As a donor, your name or business will be listed on the SMC website.

Thank you.