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Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Shafia Monroe Consulting offers ongoing educational opportunities for professional development, and often CEU’s are available.

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Continuing education, is professional development, and it is the commitment to lifelong learning, to stay current and offer the highest standard of services; that exceeds beyond the basic training.

Continuing education is considered formal education programs/activities for professional development and training, or for credentialing, for which academic credit is not awarded.

Continuing Education Formats

Continuing education is offered in different formats, with most being flexible to accommodate work schedules. These programs can take place at colleges and universities, training centers, or at the workplace, or online.

Shafia designs innovative continuing education programs from her 25 plus years’ experience in maternal and child health, public health, training, operating non-profit organizations, leading advocacy and reproductive justice work, and international work. She observed and heard the requests from professionals, who shared what they believe are important topics for them to become experts in their field. The goal is having opportunities to meet your professional aspirations, by learning new skills that you can immediately apply to your work.

By enrolling with Shafia for continuing education, you build competency, professional and personal development, enhance skills, increase resources, problem solve, and improve customer satisfaction with better delivery of services.

Shafia offers the option of live and recorded webinars, seminars, and trainings. New courses and programs are constantly being developed.

Learning is a life-long commitment.  Choosing to invest in continued education, is choosing to invest in yourself.  And you are worth it.

Shafia M. Monroe, DEM, CDT, MPH

Online Webinars – More to Come

water and poolTraditional Healing For Postpartum Discomforts with Herbs, Water and Salves

Cost: $47.00
Date: To Be Announced
Time: To Be Announced
Location: Online

Through traditional healing, we can help ease the common discomforts for the new mother; so, she can direct her energy to her emotional well-being and for bonding with her new baby. Science has concluded that more support is needed during the postpartum period to the extent that it is now referred to as the fourth trimester (Jennings B, Edmundson M. 1980). By studying traditional healing, we can tap into proven ways to cure the hardships because of birthing.

This webinar will consider the role of nature, mind, body and spirit, in traditional healing. And the use of herbs, water, salves, and prayers, as it relates to managing after the birth discomforts.

woman restingArt of African Centered Postpartum Care with Shafia M. Monroe

Cost: $47.00
Date: To Be Announced
Time: To Be Announced
Location: Online

During this live webinar with Shafia M. Monroe, you will learn the physiological changes during the postpartum period, postpartum traditions of the 20th Century African American midwife, and how to use the African centered postpartum chart. Participants receive a Free Postpartum Chart designed by Shafia M. Monroe.

Thank you for the webinar with Ms. Shafia Monroe. I enjoyed it. 2016

Please convey to Ms. Monroe how much I appreciated the wonderful teachings and all her information. Many blessings and many thanks. CC, CNM, CFNP, 2017

I learned a lot from the training. 2017

Shafia M. Monroe, DEM. CDT, MPH
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