Shafia Monroe Birthing Change

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Birth Justice Movement

Speaking for Ourselves

In this keynote, Shafia presents the chronological order of the Birth Justice Movement from conception to the present day.

Explore the historic and contemporary illustrations of reproductive justice, the parallels of the women’s movement, and its relation to the shift of power from the matriarch to the paternal and the ramifications on women’s ability to embrace birth psychologically and physically.

Shafia Monroe’s Presentation

  • Examines four key elements that specifically address racial/ethnic disparities in maternal/child health
  • Bridges the birth justice movement through its historic existence as it relates to the civil rights movement
  • Reviews policies needed to eliminate inequities in maternal child health
  • Directly links a diverse midwifery workforce to a strong birth justice movement

In this presentation, Shafia shares her experience in building the birth justice movement that will help listeners discover the historical role of Black midwives in this movement

Shafia Monroe

When we lift Reproductive Justice, we stand for sovereignty by women of color to birth with whom, where, when, and how they choose. The right to see their babies live beyond their first-year birthday, to successfully breastfeed, and access health professionals and birth workers, who reflect their ethnicity and understand their experiences, is Reproductive Justice.

Reproductive Justice is Human Rights.

Shafia M. Monroe, DEM, CDT, MPH