Shafia Monroe Birthing Change

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Infant Mortality Prevention

Interventions that Work

The infant mortality rate is two and a half times higher in the African American community, contributing to the air of despair. Shafia gives hope for change with clear visual definitions of the causes and solutions of infant mortality in the United States.

In this keynote, Shafia examines the negative impact on society, differentiates between social and physiological determinants, and shares strategies for working with public health professionals in prevention, medicine for a cure, and community for a call to action to end infant mortality. Using peer reviews and documented models, a diagram is created to improve birth outcomes, at the advocacy and policy level.

Shafia Monroe’s Presentation

  • Brings infant mortality to the forefront as a public health crisis
  • Examines the four key periods in the lives of women and their children
  • Demonstrates proven interventions vital during each key period
  • Helps participants understand policy within the health care system that may impact program implementation
  • Shows the role of midwives and doulas in reducing infant and maternal mortality
Shafia Monroe

“Infant mortality is the death of a baby, who dies before reaching her or his first-year birthday. It’s devastating to the family and their community. Their loss is our loss. There are many medical reasons for infant mortality, such as congenital abnormalities, premature birth, and pregnancy-related maternal complications. And there are societal factors, such as perinatal stress, isolation, violence, micro-aggressions, and systemic racism.

Shafia M. Monroe, DEM, CDT, MPH