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Tag: midwives

  • Babies Don’t Cry In Africa

    Babies Don’t Cry In Africa

    Attending To Baby’s Needs “African Parenting Styles We Like,” expands parenting as a cultural framework and not an individual concept.   The US creates parenting guidelines that do not necessarily meet the cultural views or practices of many communities or cultures that parent in America. Comparison In “African Parenting Styles We Like,” African parenting is compared…

  • Preventing Burn Out Through Self-Care

    Preventing Burn Out Through Self-Care

    By Shafia Monroe, Public Health Professional, and Doula Trainer Self-care!  Everyone’s talking about it, writing about it, and trying to achieve it. The fast pace of our society is leaving individuals scurrying to respond to texts, ringing phones, multi-level social media, work demands and the needs of the family.   People are managing long hours, working…