Shafia Monroe Birthing Change

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Shafia Monroe has a book deal for publication in Spring 2025

We've got a deal! Mothering The Mother by Shafia Monroe. Non-fiction health/medicine

Veteran midwife and founder of the International Center for Traditional Childbearing, Shafia Monroe’s MOTHERING THE MOTHER: AFRICAN AMERICAN POSTPARTUM TRADITIONS, RECIPES, AND HEALING, a treatise on the contemporary, holistic system of the African American postpartum traditions that support new mothers in ways that conventional medicine typically filas, with recipes and step-by-step guidance to meet both the baby’s and mother’s needs for publication in spring 2025, to Renee Sedliar at Hackette Go, in a good deal, at auction, by Ericka Phillips and Stephanie Tade at Stephanie Tade Agency.





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